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Years committed to the development of national infrastructure.
Millions of dollars executed to date
Professionals have been part of our organization.


O&P Ingeniería S.A.S. was created in October 1993 in order to respond to the needs and expectations of the public, private and energy sectors of the country, in "Works & Engineering Projects". The Company, through its partners, related professionals, employees, associates and advisors, has been consolidating an image of quality, responsibility, integrity and professionalism that has allowed us to solidify in the market in the execution of Construction & Projects, transport logistics, energy sustainability, auditing and Project Management.

1993 - 1996

O&P INGENIERÍA was born in October 1993 by the hand of a small team of experienced consultants and that same month it executed its first project management contract for the construction of oil infrastructure, since its inception in 1996 with a greater knowledge of infrastructure in the country Works are built for the private and public sectors executing contracts in which warehouses, engine rooms and other works related to oil facilities were built.

1997 - 1999

During this stage, more than 50 contracts related to auditing of oil works such as construction of pipelines in different regions of Colombia, design of roads, administrative management, studies and technical designs for construction of buildings and construction of oil infrastructure in various geographical locations of the country.

2000- 2010

It was possible to harvest successful contracts that until now had been reserved for multinational companies venturing into New services to our portfolio in oil projects, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Project Financial Management, Environmental Management, Social Management, Project Maturity, Construction and installation of gas networks and construction and more oil infrastructure.

2010 - 2017

O&P INGENIERÍA managed to execute contracts already as a great reference in the country, carrying out project management, purchases and services, works, innovation, auditing, transport logistics, hydrocarbon transport and innovando in new lines such as gas generation equipment design, remote sensing consultancies, electromechanical maintenance and commissioning for coal and coke oven equipment, becoming a benchmark for innovation in the market.


With the accumulated experience of O&P INGENIERÍA plus a great record of important contracts and the trust of clients such as ECOPETROL, REFICAR, IBM, OXY, ANH, SIEMENES, TGI, ALCALDÍA DE BOGOTÁ, TRANSMILENIO, among many others, O&P INGENIERÍA has executed mega contracts and Mega works, many of these historic ones, have been fundamental for the development of the country's energy and logistics infrastructure.



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