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Consulting is understood as a tool that any company can count on to solve a problem, identify opportunities for improvement, manage its business, or intervene in its daily activities at a structural level.

La experiencia de O&P INGENIERÍA S.A.S. en el mercado colombiano desde 1993 y el Staff de profesionales calificados y con experiencia le permite entregar soluciones a problemas reales que surgen día a día. Las áreas de conocimiento y experiencia en consultoría son:

Gerencia de proyectos

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting

Through our Consulting, monitoring and accompaniment processes to different companies in the productive sector of Colombia, we have contributed to the Safety and Health at work of more than 250,000 people involved in productive operations.

Evaluation of the Project Definition Index (PDRI) - Maturity

This tool has allowed us to carry out analysis of investment portfolios that exceed three hundred million US dollars (USD 300,000,000), measuring the degree of definition and conceptualization, review and validation of cost engineering in projects, which includes analysis of the scope , time, costs and risks.

The PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) is a highly known tool implemented by O&P INGENIERÍA in different types of projects. This tool was developed by a research team from Planning the Definition and development of the Institute of Industry and Construction CII in the United States.

Knowledge and technology management

Companies such as Ecopetrol have entrusted the management and assurance of information to large research units, which has increased the leadership of this organization in its current and future market.

Environmental Consulting

For 20 years, companies such as Ecopetrol, OXY and Reficar have entrusted the assurance of their environmental management to us.

O&P INGENIERÍA was present in the construction of one of the largest infrastructure works in the history of Colombia REFICAR. The management of our professionals and the Know-how of the company allowed us to successfully ensure the environmental component from all points of view during the construction, modernization, expansion and start-up phase of what is considered today the Refinery. most modern in Latin America.

We have also accompanied ECOPETROL's environmental management for several years in its operation throughout the country.


Since 1994 we have participated as auditors of more than 4500 contracts in practically all regions of the Colombian geography. The audits have been to civil construction contracts, mechanics, roads, commodity transport contracts, monitoring of administrative, labor, financial, environmental, legal and technical aspects.



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