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O&P INGENIERÍA S.A.S. in alliance with CLANTECH We have consolidated a strategic alliance that has allowed us to bring design, construction, commissioning and Technical Service to on-site hydrogenerators to the country.

We are a company specialized in engineering specialized in the Design and commissioning of Hydrogen Service Stations, where we convert renewable energy into hydrogen through electrolysis of Water, achieving the reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as achieving savings in the costs of Common gas for public and private transport, internal transport of personnel or elements.

We know that each client is unique and that is why we specialize in making projects based on the needs of each client.


We do Engineering specialized in the Design and start-up of Hydrogen Service Stations, providing an integrated solution doing Hydrogen Production, design of electrolyzers, Dispensers, Gas Pressurizers, the place of storage and transportation.

HYDROGEN: From 99.5% to 99.99995%

- Hydrogen supply at 350 and 700 bar.
- Dispensers with communication to the car.
- Hydrogen Refrigeration.
- Accumulation tanks.
- Custom containers.


We have the ability to offer you on-site gas generation and supply systems with the following purities:


NITROGEN: From 95% to 99.9995% purity.

- Systems PSA / CMS
- Membrane Systems

OXYGEN: 85% to 95% purity.

– Sistemas PSA / Zeolitas
– Sistemas VPSA, de bajísimo consumo eléctrico


Glass Industry, Oxycombustion, Metallurgical Processes, Heat Treatments, Paper Pulp, Fish Farms, Drinking and Waste Water Treatment, Ozone Manufacturing, Gold Mining: Leaching and Waste Treatment, Chemical and Petrochemical, Oil Prospecting and Extraction, Floating Units Production (FPSO), Food Industry, Inert-Protective Atmospheres, Fat Hydrogenation, Inflation of Aircraft and Vehicle Tires, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Synthesis, Nitrogen in Chemical Transport Vessels, Essences and Perfumes Industry, Refrigeration of Alternators, Helium Recovery and Re-purification Systems, Hydrogen for coupling to Fuel Cells, FC (Flying Capacitor) and Hybrid Systems with Renewable Energies, Oxyfuel and Laser Cutting, High Pressure-Cylinder Filling. CE stamp


Generation and supply of Clinical Oxygen under NTC-ISO 13485 STANDARD. CE Seal


The technology O&P – CLANTECH for laboratories, includes generators of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Ultra-Pure Synthetic Air, as well as oil-free compressors for various applications and development of comprehensive applications.

Among the different applications for the laboratory, there is the Generation of Hydrogen (H2) as carrier gas and for flame detectors in Gas Chromatography and GC-MSD, Hydrogen (H2) in ICPMS-Collision Cell, Hydrogen (H2) for Fuel cells, Low purity Nitrogen (N2) (99% - 99.5%) for LCMSD and sample evaporation and drying, High pressure Nitrogen (N2) - DIONEX sample extraction systems, Nitrogen (N2) for metal analysis systems Agilent Technologies AES, Nitrogen (N2) high purity (99.999%) for make up in GC, carrier, optics purge, Infrared, TOC, electron microscopy, circular dichroism. Ultra Pure Synthetic Air in flame detectors for GC, TOC, Purge gas, Oxygen (O2) for animal houses and Laboratory Chemical Synthesis, in situ generation of Nitrogen (N2) Liquid for NMR refrigeration, organic sample banks.



In this segment we have approached the needs of technicians in conservation and restoration of works of art. Results of years of research and collaboration with different museums and restoration centers, have allowed us to develop a UNIQUE solution in the world to carry out ANOXY PROCESSES in a very simple and economically much more accessible than what we had until now. Several Museums and Institutions, Restoration and Conservation Centers from all over the world have already counted on us.

N2 capsule annoxia

The N2 capsule is an airtight cube-shaped cabin made up of a PVC-coated aluminum structure whose measurements can be adapted to the needs of each site.

Generators and auxiliary equipment

We have developed a wide range of equipment and accessories that together with the N2 capsule offer a range of SOLUTIONS adaptable to each need, by size, number and available budget, such as:
- Nitrogen (N2) generators of the ANOXIUM series, with and without compressor.
- Oxygen (O2), Humidity and Temperature Sensors.
- Automatic and manual Nitrogen (N2) humidifiers.
- On-line process control and monitoring PLC.
- Special plastics for bags, heat sealer guns.
- O&P Solutions - CLANTECH ArtPro.



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