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Currently most industries that develop their processes require a great commitment to the Environment, Safety, Health and the Social Component.

O&P INGENIERÍA S.A.S has the experience, infrastructure and professional human resources to face all these challenges. We manage and execute any project, no matter how small or large they may seem, in the following specialties:

Environmental management

For 20 years, companies such as Ecopetrol, OXY and Reficar have entrusted the assurance of their environmental management to us.

O&P INGENIERÍA was present in the construction of one of the largest infrastructure works in the history of Colombia REFICAR. The management of our professionals and the Know-how of the company allowed us to successfully ensure the environmental component from all points of view during the construction, modernization, expansion and start-up phase of what is considered today the Refinery. most modern in Latin America.

We have also accompanied ECOPETROL's environmental management for several years in its operation throughout the country.

Some of our activities include:

+ Assess and assess compliance with environmental standards
+ Environmental Management Plans (PMA)
+ Environmental Impact Studies (EIA).
+ Planning, processing and compliance with environmental licenses before ANLA.
+ Attention to environmental emergencies.

Health and Safety at Work

Through our Consulting, monitoring and accompaniment processes to different companies in the productive sector of Colombia, we have contributed to the Safety and Health at work of more than 250,000 people involved in productive operations.


We have guaranteed the preservation of archaeological heritage during the implementation of mega projects in the eastern plains of Colombia, in the Santanderes and in the Antioquia region. All this supported by conducting studies and investigations, monitoring, outreach activities with communities, field work and all the procedures required for the processing and compliance of archeology licenses before Colombian authorities.


Somos expertos en brindar sistemas de auditorías externas para la determinación del desempeño de los sistemas de calidad de contratos al igual que para mediciones de cantidad y calidad de hidrocarburos y la verificación de las buenas prácticas de medición aplicadas en las facilidades de producción del país, al igual que servicios técnicos de inspección de fiscalización de hidrocarburos.

Social management

O&P INGENIERÍA has accompanied for several years the social management of important projects in the energy sector and Oil & Gas in activities related to Accompaniment to the management of social investment projects and programs, institutional strengthening, social accompaniment to the labor process and local suppliers and Comprehensive audits of the Benefit Plans for the communities settled in the oil blocks awarded by the ANH in the 2012 round and later.

The social impact caused by the incursion of an activity in a new territory must be considered as an important factor of success or failure in a project. Especially in the energy and oil sector, these impacts on the communities are significant because the industrial activities in a given region generate broad expectations in interest groups that see these as a possibility of employment and many other benefits for the local economy.



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